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Bob Hope Is Radio’s Newest Comedy Star

The Milwaukee Journal – Jun 5, 1938 Bob Hope is scheduled to be radio’s next topline comedian. Following successes on “Your Hollywood Parade,” Bob is set to take the place of the “Mickey Mouse” show next fall. He will get one of NBC ’s top Sunday night periods. The Milwaukee Journal – Jun 5, 1938 Bob Hope Is Radio’s Newest Comedy Star BOB HOPE , comedian heard last on Dick Powell ’s “Your Hollywood Parade,” will be back in the fall—with a program of his own, according to west coast reports. Arrangements now are being made for Bob to replace the “Mickey Mouse” program on NBC next October. So—radio gets another new topline comedian. Actually, Bob Hope is no beginner. He is just about the last of the top row vaudeville and musical comedy stars to come over to radio. He has played in shows with Bea Lillie, Jimmie Durante , Ethel Merman, George Murphy, Fannie Brice, Bing Crosby and Eddie Cantor, all of whom preceded him to Hollywood and most of whom

Dick POWELL Star of “Richard Diamond Private Detective”

Dick POWELL Star of “ Richard Diamond Private Detective ” Dick Powell has attained success in virtually two careers. Through the media of radio, stage and screen, the star of NBC ’s “ Richard Diamond, Private Detective ” (Wednesday, 10:30 p.m. Est) gained popularity first as a singer and then reached new heights as a sleuth. Powell’s sense of humor has contributed much to his success. It was responsible for pulling him through some of the toughest days on his musical tours, it lends a unique twist to his radio mystery dramas and it is now launching him in what may prove to be a third career. His appearance in MGM’s “The Reformer and the Redhead” with his wife. June Allyson, established him as a first-rate light comedian. Dick Powell was born Richard Ewing Powell in Mountain View. Ark. Before he was of school age his family moved to Little Rock, and there he stayed until graduation from Little Rock College. As a student in college he began singing in a church choir, a

Fitch Drops ‘Rogue’; Harris-Faye Seg To Fill Daley Spot

Fitch Drops ‘ Rogue ’; Harris-Faye Seg To Fill Daley Spot HOLLYWOOD , July 27, -- Fitch Company this week revealed intentions to drop Rogue’s Gallery , mystery seg, at end of current summer fill-in on NBC . Hair tonic company is giving Dick Powell stanza the go-by to concentrate on new Phil Harris-Alice Faye show which takes over the former Cass Daley regular slot. Harris-Faye show is to be given top-drawer promotion and dough. Rogue , which s witches to NBC from a permanent MBS-Sponsored slot, meanwhile is being peddled by MCA with Texaco and other sponsors interested.

What actor Johnny Dollar in the old time radio series "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar"?

The title  role of  Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was played by 8 actors over the 14 year run : Dick Powell played the role on a single episode on July 12, 1948 (Audition Broadcast) Charles Russell played the role from Jan 14, 1949 (Episodes 1-34) Edmond O'Brien played  Johnny Dollar   from Feb 3, 1950 on (Episodes 35-139) John Lund took the role on Nov 24, 1952 (Episodes 140 - 232) Gerald Mohr played the role on a single audition episodes on August 29, 1955  Bob Bailey assumed the role of  Johnny Dollar  on Oct 3, 1955 (Episodes 233 - 716) Robert Readick took the title role on April 12, 1960 (Episode 717 - 744) Mandel Kramer was the final Johnny Dollar on June 18, 1961 (Episode 745 - 811) Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was one of the longest running and final old time radio detectives during the golden age of radio!