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Vincent Price: The Saint Old Time Radio Program

BIOGRAPHY Vincent Price “The Saint” From Missouri to London and Huck to U.S.A.—and Recognition Vincent Price  had to journey all the way from Missouri, U.S.A., to London, England, to be discovered. The actor, who portrays the debonair gentleman-adventurer, Simoa Templar, in NBC’s “The Saint” on Sundays 7.30 p.m., FDD, just couldn’t get a break in the States. But years later, in New York, he was hailed as a new British discovery. Born in St. Louise and educated in private schools, Price decided at an early age that acting was for him. After attending Yale, he went to the University of London. He had been deeply discouraged by New York producers who seemed to have no regard for his talents. Price figured if a break not forthcoming in England at least he could study his second love, history. But in England he was signed to play role of an American in a production of “Chicago”. He did well. When New York producer Gilbert Miller began casting for the Broadway version of “V