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Sgt Preston of the Yukon's parcel of land in the Yukon from Quaker Cereal Boxes

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon (originally called Challenge of the Yukon) was by far the longest running Mountie series, and definitely the most popular one to be broadcast in the U.S. A vast array of premiums were distributed by the Quaker Company in connection with this radio series. The best one was when the company bought a small parcel of land in the Yukon, divided it into one-inch square sections, and then distributed "official deeds of title" to each tiny square by putting them in boxes of Quaker cereals. In fact, 21 million such deeds were printed and distributed for free in cereal boxes and the resulting publicity was enormous. Today, over half a century later, Quaker Oats still receives hundreds of inquiries from people with these deeds, asking about their "property" and its value. But, the "Klondike Big Inch Land Company" no longer exists. Sadly, Quaker's parcel of land was reclaimed by the Canadian government many years ago for non-payment of