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EVERY SUNDAY PHILCO PRESENTS THE RADIO HALL OF FAME THE TOP HITS FROM ALL FIELDS OF ENTERTAINMENT Tune in  . . . enjoy this listener’s digest of the best in the world of entertainment as judged by Variety Magazine. These stars were recent selections. A new, all-hit program is presented each week by Philco on Sunday, 6 to 7 P. M., E.W.T., Blue Network. . . . a Philco , more than any other radio , brings them to the homes of America Yes, that’s a fact. More people today are listening to radio entertainment over a Philco than any other make of radio ! Since 1928, over seventeen million Philco radios and radio-phonographs have been bought by the people of America . . . a far greater number than those of any other radio manufacturer. For twelve straight years before Pearl Harbor , the achievements that came from its laboratories made Philco America ’s most popular radio . And when war came, its years of leadership in radio research and manu