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Biography Marvin Miller

Biography of Marvin Miller He Announces, Acts, Writes, Direct and Has Spare Time Announcer Marvin Miller, who began public appearances at the age of nine, had acquired such a repertoire by the time he applied for his first job that he was able to perform 42 parts in a single show which he wrote himself. That was back in 1931 in St. Louis. The following year he became a junior announcer and actor and, in 1919, he added continuity writing and dramatic directing to his assignments. Miller, now announcer-actor on NBC’s “ Father Knows Best .” “ TheRailroad Hour ” and “ Aunt Mary ,” moved to Chicago soon after and in 1944 to Hollywood, where he has been so busy that he has had only one two-weeks vacation . Featured roles in movies have been helped build that full schedule as well as many recordings in which Miller has been both narrator and actor for all the parts. He was born in St. Louis as Marvin Elliott Mueller and was graduated from Washington University there.