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Radio Mystery Theater: Eighth Season

December 8, 1980 ‘ CBS RADIO THEATER ’ BEGINS EIGHTH SEASON JAN. 12; DRAMAS HAVE BROUGHT LAURELS TO NETWORK, HI BROWN The creaking door that opens CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER on Monday, Jan. 12, also will open the eighth season of the Network’s much-praised drama series. CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER premiered in January 1974 on 79 stations. Today, the number of stations broadcasting the weekday series on the CBS Radio Drama Network has more than tripled. Richard M. Brescia, CBS Radio Network Vice President and General Manager, says this success “ is a testimony to the skill of Hi Brown, MYSTERY THEATER creator and Executive Producer, and to the great actors who preform in the series. “Several other radio drama formats have been attempted during the seven-year period we’ve been presenting MYSTERY THEATER ,” Brescia comments. “However, only the MYSTERY THEATER has been able to stand up to the test of time imposed by both the listener and the affiliate. I hope more development