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Remembering Fred Astaire

You see, every once in a while I suddenly find myself dancing. - Fred Astaire as Jerry Travers for the movie Top Hat Frederic Austerlitz , more popularly known as Fred Astaire , was an American choreographer, dancer, singer, and actor who became popular during the period known as the “silver screen” era of films. Getting Those Dancing Shoes On Fred was born on May 10, 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the younger child of Frederic and Johanna Austerlitz, with their daughter Adele as the older one. The family had their name anglicized to Astaire following the beginning of the First World War. They moved to the city of New York in 1904, so that Adele, who was a very passionate dancer, can pursue her education as a dancer.   While in New York, Fred came to know his true passions, one for dancing and other for horses. According to his mother, during those times when Fred just disappeared, he went to visit places that are important to horses. He knew every little thing tha

Gildy Counts Ten

Former Fibber McGee and Molly Stooge Promoted His Windy Talk. Laugh into Big Time Radio Comedy By JAY DEE HIS HONOR Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve in a quiet moment Gildy Counts Ten HOLLYWOOD THIS is a big year in the life of that extraordinary figure of the radio world, the Hon.Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve . It’s his tenth anniversary on the air. For it was back in 1939 that he was first introduced to the listeners as a stooge with Fibber McGee. beginning the rise that made him one of broadcasting’s outstanding characters and has established his creator. Harold (Hal) Peary, as a major network star. In this development the late John Barrymore played a little known but important part. But for him according to Peary, there probably would have been no Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve  at all. Peary, who is of Portugese descent and was born July 25, 1908, in San Leandro, near San Francisco, did his first broadcasting as a singer at 17 in the city by the Golden Gate. Five year

McGee’s ‘Little Chum’ Leaves Wistful Vista

The Milwaukee Journal – Aug 3, 1941 “You’re hard man, McGee!” That line made famous the character of Gildersleeve , Fibber McGee ’s “little chum” next door, and now has given Gildersleeve ’s creator, Harold Peary (above), his own show on NBC, opening Aug. 24 McGee’s ‘Little Chum’ Leaves Wistful Vista THROCKMORTON P. GILDERsleeve, Fibber McGee and Molly ’s chum, who is known as Harold Peary to his intimates will be starred on his own program. “ The Great Gildersleeve ,” beginning Sunday, Aug 31, over NBC. In making this move, Perry, creator at the Gildersleeve character on the “ Fibber McGee and Molly ” show, will devote full time to his own program Gildersleeve will be replaced on the McGee’s program by Gale Gordon . It is believed that his marks the first time a character conceived on a radio program has been transplanted as the star of his own show. The tremendous fan following built up by the character of Gildersleeve is responsible for this new program.