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Harry Lime: Adventures of Harry Lime Episode: The Elusive Vermeer - May 1952

The Elusive Vermeer - May 1952 Harry meets with Horace Sinjin Wndermere, a classy burglar with a taste for big burglaries. While having a drink with Windermere, he proposes that Harry join him in a business venture in England. There are several nice bits and bobs to “acquire” including a Vermeer. This is where Harry comes into the picture. Windermere hopes that Harry might help him dispose of the Vermeer in the United States for $100,000 since it is very recognizable in England and on the Continent. Harry has a few contacts though disposing of old masters is not his speciality. Harry meets an oil millionaire, Joseph J. Hoffman from Omaha. Hoffman agrees to purchase the Vermeer for $150,000 even though it is a triffle...warm. Hoffman wants that picture so that his wife won’t be jealous of the Rembrandt his partner bought. Harry heads out to pick up the Vermeer, deciding to forget the extra $50,000. When Harry goes to the pre-arranged meeting place, he finds out the Windermere die

Harry Lime: Adventures of Harry Lime Episode: Love Affair, September 1951

Harry Lime is a character who admits to being a confidence man and a smuggler. What exactly does this “anti-hero” get into? Love Affair - September 1951 The story begins with Harry in Saudi Arabia and the story of Harry’s marriage...his only marriage. As he is strolling the streets, he meets a fortune teller who is very insistent. The fortune teller sees many women and many fortunes but only one wife which, according to Harry, is one wife too many. Harry meets with a Mr. Schweig for whom he is working negotiating an oil contract for the man’s country. The man gives him a small check but as he cashes the check, a man approaches who seems to know what Harry has planned for the day. The unnamed man wants Harry to get the oil contracts for his country. The man has Harry’s number and knows that Harry’s services really go to the highest bidder. In the hotel bar, he meets George Harris, a tour guide who warns his tourists away from Harry Lime. As they both go to the restaurant, Harry