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THE SQUEAKING DOOR INNER SANCTUM MYSTERY, WORKSHOP OF BLOOD AND HORROR, SPECIALIZES IN WHOLESALE MURDER TUNE IN SUN. 8:30 P.M. E.W.T. (BLUE) When Inner Sanctum Mystery was only a few weeks old, a woman listener sent a can of oil to the producer, Himan Brown . Said she did not mind the blood and ghoulishness of the program, but that darned door sent shivers down her spine. That was intentional, of course, and it is unnecessary to add that nothing has been done about oiling the ghostly hinges since the program was born, January 7, 1941. It is estimated that fifteen million spines are chilled by the blood-curdling slaughter that takes place weekly on this terror-show. It began with an accidental thought that occurred to Producer Himan Brown while he was browsing around the sound effects shop for unusual backgrounds to incorporate in another of his programs. He happened upon a terrifyingly squeaking door, made a mental note to use it some day, and did when asked b

Himan Brown and Sam Cook Digges honored at 1979 Annual Directors Guild of America Awards

March 12, 1979 PRINCIPALS IN PRODUCTION OF “ MYSTERY THEATER ” WIN SPECIAL CITATIONS FROM DIRECTORS GILD OF AMERICA Honored Are CBS Radio Network, Sam Cook Digges, Himan Brown The CBS Radio Network, Sam Cook Digges and Himan Brown each received a special citation Saturday Night (March 10) from the Eastern Directors Council of Directors Guild of America, Inc., for their “major roles in the resurgence of radio drama,” namely, the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER . Mr.Digges is President of the CBS Radio Division and Mr.Brown the producer-director of the mystery series. The citations were presented during the 1979 Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Dinner in New York City’s St. Regis Hotel. The citations read as follows: “The Eastern Council of the Directors Guild of America salutes the CBS Radio Network for its major role in the resurgence of radio drama, initiated by the production of CBS MYSTERY THEATER . This series, now its sixth year, with over 1100 one-hour programs

Himan Brown Speaks at Three Universities about Radio Mystery Theater (1978)

March 27, 1978 HIMAN BROWN TO SPEAK AT THREE UNIVERSITIES NEXT MONTH: TO RECEIVE “DISTINGUISHED SERVICE” AWARD FROM ANOTHER Himan Brown’s love affair with college students across the country continues at a quick pace during the month of April. Brown, producer-director of CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , has accepted invitations to speak at three universities and will be presented an award from another, a place of higher learning whose students heard him last December. On April 10, it’s the University of Cincinnati, where he will talk to those studying in its Department of Communications. Eight days later, he’ll be on the San Francisco State campus to address that university’s 26th annual Broadcast Industry Conference, the theme of which is “Media Raison d’Etre.” Gainesville, Fla., is the site of Brown;s next speaking engagement where, on April 24, he’ll be the honored guest at the University of Florida’s annual Broadcast Day. The Distinguished Service Award in Communication

Mystery Theater Given Preceptor Award

“ MYSTERY THEATER’S ” HIMAN BROWN GIVEN BROADCAST PRECEPTOR AWARD FOR 1979 Himan Brown, producer-director of the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , was presented a Broadcast Preceptor Award by San Francisco State University yesterday (May 6), the opening day of the University’s 29th annual Broadcast Industry Conference. The Preceptor Award is given every year to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry. Mr.Brown received the award “for his tremendous energy and dedication that have re-established radio drama as an art form.” *     *     * Contact:  Bob Fuller

Himan Brown Honored for 50-Year Contribution to Radio Drama (Nov 3, 1980)

November 3, 1980 HI BROWN, PRODUCER OF ‘ CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER ’, HONORED FOR ‘50-YEAR CONTRIBUTION TO RADIO DRAMA’ The New School, a major New York City institutions that offers instruction in all facets of the arts, will make a special award this week to Himan Brown, creator and producer of the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER on the CBS Radio Network, honoring his “half-century as the moving force behind radio drama in the United States.” The honor was announced be Prof. Richard Brown, who conducts the school’s Electric Mind Series and will present the award to Mr.Brown before some 600 students in the course this Wednesday evening, Nov. 5. Hi Brown also will serve as a guest lecturer that night, discussing the history of American radio, and will demonstrate for the students how a MYSTERY THEATER script is recorded. As an example, he will provide a script of the 1940 radio broadcast “ Frankenstein ”,  based on the original Mary Shelly book, and direct Prof. Brown and sev