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Oh, Dinah—Is There Anyone Finer?

THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL—SCREEN and RADIO          Sunday, April 4, 1943 In a Forthcoming movie, radio’s Dinah Shore will not only sing, she will dance and she will act. Dinah’s a favorite with the soldiers Oh, Dinah—Is There Anyone Finer? By Janice Gaines KNARAVELLA is Dinah Shore ’s cool. She receives a salary of $28 a week. She gets all day Sunday off, half day Wednesday, half day Friday and occasionally when she wants to do some shopping she gets a few hours here and there. “But Knaravella is worth that to me,” says Dinah Shore , the singing radio beauty, “because I’m strictly a home girl and she’s a good cook, and any sort of cook is hard to get these days.” Knaravella has had two raises in three months. She started at $21, mentioned defense work a month later, was raised to $25, was caught looking through the Lockheed want ads, she was jumped to $28. She does not know it set (and you must not send her this column), but Dinah would raise her again at th

Bob Hawk Quiz Whiz

The Milwaukee Journal – Apr 27, 1941         Bob Hawk Quiz Whiz SOME persons may shine at answering questions on a radio contest of wits—when they are seated by their own firesides. They can make allowances for themselves, conceding this and that, and there is nobody to contradict them. But let these same people step on a stage before a microphone, with one eye on the adlibbing Bob Hawk and the other on a large and enthusiastic audience. Then their knees are wabbly and their brains befogged, as the master of ceremonies of the radio game show “ Take It Or Leave It ” volleys questions at them. However, as Bob says, this broadcast is offered in the spirit of good fun and not as any real test of an individual’s intelligence. A simple question begins each series. Occasionally it baffles a nervous contestant, who is more or less in a daze through the thought of his voice being heard by millions, including his friends and his employer, and also because of the prese