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Charlie Chan Quotes

Absence of proof open cell door.  (Charlie Chan in Panama) Accidents can happen, if planned that way.  (Dark Alibi) Action speak louder than French.  (Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo) Admitting failure like drinking bitter tea.  (Charlie Chan in Egypt) A fool and his money never become old acquaintances.  (Charlie Chan's Chance) After dinner is over, who cares about spoon?  (Docks of New Orleans) After wedding bells, prefer no phone bells.  (Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise) Alas, mouse cannot cast shadow like elephant.  (The Black Camel) Alibi have habit of disappearing like hole in water.  (The Black Camel) All cards should repose on table when personal liberty at stake.  (Docks of New Orleans) All forgotten, like last year's bird's nest.  (Charlie Chan at the Race Track) All foxes come at last to fur store.  (The Black Camel) All play and no work make Charlie Chan very dull policeman.  (Charlie Chan at the Olympics) Always danger where men are ev