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CANNY JUDGMENT BOOSTED “ THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE ” BY ROSLIND SHAFFER HOLLYWOOD—(AP)—Lush –voiced, fast-talking Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve is the lover every woman dreams of - - if she doesn’t expect too much. After all, maturity has charms which should compensate for a slight shortness of breath. Nonsense aside, The Great Gildersleeve is a terrific Guy named Harold Peary , I believe, is the suppressed  Peary, just as McCarthy is Bergen with the ice cap off. Of course, things as pleasantly amusing as “ The Great Gildersleeve ” radio program just don’t happen. The show is written by Sam Moore and John Whedon, but it has been built by Peary himself with a perspicacity you’d never expect from his air counterpart. A veteran of show business, and of radio, Peary knows his medium, and through his almost uncanny ear for voices, he has assembled characters for the show with voices that exactly express the characters he works with. His own flexible baritone voice, developed

McGee Goes Incognito

The Milwaukee Journal – Aug 10, 1941    Fibber McGee and Molly are just plain Jim and Marion Jordan this summer as they enjoy their air vacation. The top comedians are show above in McGee version of gardening at their San Fernando valley (Calif.) home McGee Goes Incognito HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. JimJordan , at their home in Hollywood suburb, packed up their trailer for the annual vacation trip. But they seemed sunk in gloom. So the kids rallied them. “Gee, Pop,” said their son, “you and Mom don’t act like yourselves.” “That’s right,” said Sis. “Every year when you pack up to go traipsing around you’re so gay. But now.” It was true, too—true those annual vacation jaunts through the western mountains had always perked up the Jordans. They’d get to thinking about the streams they’d fish, the places they’d camp, sometimes by themselves, sometimes in auto camps with jolly people all around. “Just good friendly folks,” Jim Jordan always used to say to