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“Blondie” Leads Coast Segs

“ Blondie ” Leads Coast Segs NEW YORK, Sept. 7— Blondie , with a rating of 18.8, lends the first 15 programs on the Pacific Network Hooperatings report, Whistler , with a rating of 13.4, and Michael Shayne , with 12.9, are second and third respectively. Others among the first 15, in order of their rating, are: Aldrich Family 11.4; Frank Morgan , 11.3 ; Crime Doctor , 11.0; Jervens Summer Edition, 10.8: Adventures of Ellery Queen , 10.8; Quiz Kids , 10.2; Big Town , 10.2; Mr. and Mrs. North , 10; Screen Guild Players, 9.7; Skippy Hollywood Theater , 9.7; This Is Your FBI , 9.1, and Bob Hawk Show, 9.1.

Faithful Frost Fans Are Alice’s Pride

<Demure, lady like and looking far aloof from crime, Alice Frost plays Pam North in the NBC mystery series, “ Mr . and Mrs. North ”> Faithful Frost Fans Are Alice’s Pride THE Alice Frost Fan club will be five years old in June. In that time Alice, reversing the recipe for a well behaved child, has been heard but not seen in a variety of roles ranging from saint to sinner to siren. Currently she is whimsical Pam North of NBC ’s “ Mr . and Mrs. North ,” (WTMJ, Wednesdays, 7p. m.). Thorough it all the 150 in the limited membership of her fan club have remained unwaveringly loyal. Listeners have a way of associating actresses with the parts they play, but the Frost fans can take changes in their stride. The women who visualized Alice herself as the very personification of the sweet, high minded girl she played so long in “ Big Sister ,” now accept her with equal enthusiasm as that gay amateur sleuth, Pam North. And when she’s heard, as she often is, as the e

A Woman's Intuition: Alice Frost in Mr and Mrs North

A Woman's Intuition When Pam and jerry North start out on one of their crime-hunting trips on the Mr. and  Mrs. North radio Programs , they soon find themselves embroiled in all sorts of difficulties .Often, it’s Pam’s intuition-her hunches- which gets them free of those  difficulties and brings the Norths safety home again . There’s a real-life parallel to that, for when Alice Frost , who plays the role of Pam North in the radio series, and her own husband start on one of their less hair-raising adventures, more  often than not it’s Alice’s intuition Which Keep them out  of trouble-or, she confesses in her story , gets them into it! Pamela North and Alice Frost (who is Pam on the air) have much in common - particularly a belief That it never pays to underestimate the power of a “hunch”, especially the female variety  My HUSBAND- not Jerry North, my husband on our  Mr. and  Mrs. North   radio program, but my real husband-and I were impatiently waiti