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McGee’s ‘Little Chum’ Leaves Wistful Vista

The Milwaukee Journal – Aug 3, 1941 “You’re hard man, McGee!” That line made famous the character of Gildersleeve , Fibber McGee ’s “little chum” next door, and now has given Gildersleeve ’s creator, Harold Peary (above), his own show on NBC, opening Aug. 24 McGee’s ‘Little Chum’ Leaves Wistful Vista THROCKMORTON P. GILDERsleeve, Fibber McGee and Molly ’s chum, who is known as Harold Peary to his intimates will be starred on his own program. “ The Great Gildersleeve ,” beginning Sunday, Aug 31, over NBC. In making this move, Perry, creator at the Gildersleeve character on the “ Fibber McGee and Molly ” show, will devote full time to his own program Gildersleeve will be replaced on the McGee’s program by Gale Gordon . It is believed that his marks the first time a character conceived on a radio program has been transplanted as the star of his own show. The tremendous fan following built up by the character of Gildersleeve is responsible for this new program.

The Perils of Peary (Harold Peary star of old time radio show, The Great Gildersleeve)

The Perils of Peary Hal Peary takes his son to the local carnival, but discovers—alas—that Kiddieland is strictly for little kids A beautiful Sunday morning, and Hal Peary intends to show son, Page, how much fun he can have in Kiddieland Page is off on the miniature train “Nove. look-a-here, son—you’ve got to grip that horse with your knees.” Hal, the expert horseman, gives Page a briefing before he sends him out on the pony ride. “Okay, Pop. Nove hold tight to his neck and don’t take any brass rtugs.” Son Page pulls a turnabout and launches Dad on his first merry-go-round ride in???  years. “Whee! This looks like fun!” This time Hal joins Page on the Ferris wheel Page is just a little worried, but Hal assures him there is nothing like it. “My, this reminds me of my younger days when you’d take a girl up in the Ferris wheel, and—say! They certainly build these things higher than they did.” “It must be the altitude,” says Hal. Page wants to stay