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THE SQUEAKING DOOR INNER SANCTUM MYSTERY, WORKSHOP OF BLOOD AND HORROR, SPECIALIZES IN WHOLESALE MURDER TUNE IN SUN. 8:30 P.M. E.W.T. (BLUE) When Inner Sanctum Mystery was only a few weeks old, a woman listener sent a can of oil to the producer, Himan Brown . Said she did not mind the blood and ghoulishness of the program, but that darned door sent shivers down her spine. That was intentional, of course, and it is unnecessary to add that nothing has been done about oiling the ghostly hinges since the program was born, January 7, 1941. It is estimated that fifteen million spines are chilled by the blood-curdling slaughter that takes place weekly on this terror-show. It began with an accidental thought that occurred to Producer Himan Brown while he was browsing around the sound effects shop for unusual backgrounds to incorporate in another of his programs. He happened upon a terrifyingly squeaking door, made a mental note to use it some day, and did when asked b

Ronald Colman

  Ronald Colman   and   Myrna Loy   in   The Devil to Pay!   (1930)     Director Jack Conway and Ronald Colman discussing the script for   A Tale of Two Cities       Colman sketching in   The Light that Failed .       Ronald Colman in   Lost Horizon .     Her Sister from Paris (1925)   Constance Talmadge & Ronald Colman     Fredric March & Ronald Colman   Colman chillin’ with the High Lama and Frank Capra .   Ronald Colman in   Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back   Ronald Colman and Rosalind Russell in   Under Two Flags   (1936).  this movie is so funny… It definitely is!   Ronald Colman with Joan Bennett in   The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo   (1935).   Smithy: Some people came to see me at the hospital, but I…I wasn’t their son. Paula: I bet they were disappointed, were they? Smithy: Yes, I think so. I was too. I’d’ve liked to belong to them. Ronald Colma