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G.I. Jill: Martha Wilkerson

GI Jill was Martha Wilkerson , co-producer and wife of producer Robert M. Warner Mort Werner, who played the part of Jack. The series began in San Francisco  and was called "Hi Neighbour". SSD took over production in May 1943 for  56 shows. It was revamped a few months later. It appears to have lasted  until at least Nov 1949. This according to McKenzie, and that's how he  spelled "Neighbour". With G.I.s overseas, the biggest attraction on radio is a pretty, breezy  blonde with a high-school-fresh voice named Martha Wilkerson . Most U.S.  civilians never heard of her-but from Kodiak to Canberra, Martha is a top  G.I. favorite. Last week, with her 870th broadcast, Martha Wilkerson could  boast of receiving one-fourth of all the fan mail  inspired by the Armed  Forces Radio Service's 122 air shows. Her husband, Mort Wener began his career in the mid-1930s as an  entertainer, singing and accompanying himself on the piano on Radio Station  KFRC in San Fra