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March 29, 1976 CBS RADIO SAM DANN , NORMAN MORRIS, DALE MINOR DECLARED WINNERS OF ANNUAL WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA SCRIPT AWARDS Sam Dann , for a CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER script, and Norman Morris and Dale Minor, for THE AMERICAN INHERITANCE, have been named winners in the 1975 Writer Guild of America Annual Script Awards competition. The awards were presented Thursday, March 25, at ceremonies in New York City. Dann 's radio play, “ Goodbye, Karl Erich ,” was named “best radio dramatic script.” It was broadcast on the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , July 12, and starred Kevin McCarthy and Paul Hecht . The “best radio documentary script” award went to Morris and Minor whose THE AMERICAN INHERITANCE was broadcast January 25 and 26 on the CBS Radio Network. Produced by CBS News, the 30-part weekend special was the first of a continuing series in observance of America’s bicentennial celebration. CBS News Correspondent Walter Cronkite served as anchor man. *     *     *

Radio Mystery Theater Notice to Station Managers (March 1979)

March 8. 1979 RE:     MYSTERY THEATER “CLASSICS” TO:    STATION MANAGER Effective Saturday, March 31, until Sunday, December 30, the Saturday and Sunday broadcasts of MYSTERY THEATER will consist of selected classics originally aired during the first five years of this radio drama series. The first weekend of MYSTERY THEATER classics will feature “ Diary of a Madman ” by Guy de Maupassant, Saturday, March 31, and “ The Mysterious Stranger ” by Mark Twain , Sunday, April 1. In later weeks, stories by Edgar Allen Poe , Ambrose Bierce, O. Henry, Oscar Wilde, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Robert Louis Stevenson and Emily and Charlotte Bronte will be heard. A complete list of the MYSTERY THEATER  classics is attached. Also, Specific program information will continue to be sent in the present manner by Norman Ginsburg, Director of Information Services. As a reminder, the Saturday and Sunday feeds of MYSTERY THEATER take place at the following times: 9:07 P

Himan Brown and Sam Cook Digges honored at 1979 Annual Directors Guild of America Awards

March 12, 1979 PRINCIPALS IN PRODUCTION OF “ MYSTERY THEATER ” WIN SPECIAL CITATIONS FROM DIRECTORS GILD OF AMERICA Honored Are CBS Radio Network, Sam Cook Digges, Himan Brown The CBS Radio Network, Sam Cook Digges and Himan Brown each received a special citation Saturday Night (March 10) from the Eastern Directors Council of Directors Guild of America, Inc., for their “major roles in the resurgence of radio drama,” namely, the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER . Mr.Digges is President of the CBS Radio Division and Mr.Brown the producer-director of the mystery series. The citations were presented during the 1979 Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Dinner in New York City’s St. Regis Hotel. The citations read as follows: “The Eastern Council of the Directors Guild of America salutes the CBS Radio Network for its major role in the resurgence of radio drama, initiated by the production of CBS MYSTERY THEATER . This series, now its sixth year, with over 1100 one-hour programs

CBS Mystery Theater Opens 4th Year with Seven O.Henry Short Stories (1979)

December 20, 1976 “ CBS MYSTERY THEATER ” TO OPEN FOURTH YEAR JAN. 10 WITH SEVEN O. HENRY SHORT STORIES Robert Dryden To Star as Author The CBS MYSTERY THEATER , which began its second year with seven consecutive adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories and its third year with seven from the pen of Mark Twain, will open its fourth year, Monday, Jan. 10, with seven from one of America’s -- and the world’s -- best short story tellers, O. Henry. Chosen by producer-director Himan Brown from the over 300 O. Henry wrote, the seven stories reflect the experiences the author encountered while living in Texas when the west was the Wild West and during his brief stay in New Orleans, his year-and-a-half in Honduras, his three years in an Ohio penitentiary and his eight years in New York City, which he christened Begdad-on-the-Subway. In their order of broadcast the seven are: “Two Renegades,” “The Passing of Black Eagle,” “Tobin’s Palm,” “Don’t Die Without Me” (originally “The F

Radio Mystery Theater: Favorite Private Eye & Detective Shows

Some of my favorite listening are detective old radio programs .  This holds true for the more recent series of recordings from the 1970s  Radio Mystery Theater : There was an episode "The Winds of Time" Bryce Bond, a paranormal investigator who actually played himself on some episodes. Another paranormal one which I believe was fictitious was the character Flaxman Low. There was con artist turned investigator Andrew Wolf in several episodes and of course Sherlock Holmes episodes including: Hound of the Baskervilles (The) Sign of Four (The) Study in Scarlet (A) Adventure of the Red-Headed League (The) Boscombe Pool Mystery (The) Adventure of the Speckled Band (The) Scandal in Bohemia (A) Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (The) Adventure of the Beryl Coronet (The) Gloria Scott (The) Nightmare in Gillette Castle Vanishing Herd (The) Murder on the Space Shuttle Musgrave Ritual (The) Naval Treaty (The) Reigate Mystery (The) Sam Dann used the name Mac