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Frances Scott

Frances Scott Femcee of It Takes A Woman doesn’t know the word can’t. All anyone had to do to het Frances Scott going on a project or an idea is to tell her it can’t be done. Miss Scott is the well known “femcee” of a number of radio and television shows, most of which she not only appears on but helps to write, cast and direct. One of the most popular of her shows at the moment is a transcribed series presented locally, throughout the country at different times and on different networks. It’s called It Takes A Woman. Frances Scott was born in San Francisco. Her father was an advertising man. It was this fact that led in directly to Frances’ present career. Like all children, Frances had imagination, but hers took a very practical turn. Radio was then an infant industry and in Frances’s fertile mind the ides grew that someday radio would be a wonderful medium for advertising. So, when she was graduated from high school, she hied herself to New York . She wound up on

Introducing HENRY MORGAN

Introducing HENRY MORGAN He auctioned off a network—vice-president by vice-president! WHAT is this Henry Morgan —the brash young man who has injected the first real touch of originality into radio comedy with his wit, sharp satire? The only way to find out—because interviewing him won’t tell you—is to listen to his program on ABC , Wednesdays at 10:40 PM, EST. A good looking, blue-eyed, brown-haired chap, neatly dressed, Morgan might be mistaken for what he likes to call “the average man.” That is, until he opens his mouth. According to Morgan, he was born if mixed parentage—man and woman—on the day before April Fools Day, 1915 . A native New York er, he started poking fun at radio years ago when, at the age of 17, he went to work as a page boy’s opinions concerning programs, announcer or talent were not only not solicited, they were not welcome. In spite of a bit of discomfort here and there on the staff, however, Morgan did work himself up to an announcer’s job at W