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Irene Rich's “DEAR JOHN” Old Time Radio Program

First Families of Radio “DEAR JOHN” STORIES have been told successfully in the form of betters in many novel and magazine yarns. Now IreneRich is doing a radio serial with letters . Kach Sunday evening she writes a letters to “Dear John,” but the letter fades quickly into a dramatic episode, which, in turn, fades into some such words as these, “And in, dear John, that’s the way things are. . .” Miss Rich, Faith Chandler, writes of her married life with Josh Chandler, writes of her married life with John Chandler (Norman Fields). Josh’s first wife is died. He has two grown children, Noel (Ray Minitgomeyy) and Carole (Betty Moran). Stumbling-block for Faith is the children’s nurse, Puindexter Brice—or Bricey, as they call her. Before Josh married Faith, nurse Briery was able to influence the children’s thinking and actions pretty much without interference. When Faith comes, both Noel and Carole turn in her for advice. So Brice is madly jealous. Her retaliation is a sly at