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Shaw-LeVally Combo Splits; Each To Form Own Chi Org

Shaw-LeVally Combo Splits; Each To Form Own Chi Org CHICAGO, July 5 – Shaw-LeVally, Inc, agency formed here about a year ago by John W. Shaw and Norman W. LeVally , two account execs from the Leo Burnett Company, this week dissolved, with each principal forming his own agency. The new firms will be John W. Shaw, Inc., and LeVally, Inc. Shortly after the agency started, it had a fast growth that had the trade talking about it. One of its major surprises was taking the Household Finance account from BBD&O. Shaw bought out LeVally for an undisclosed sum. Each, Shaw stated, would take about a million dollars worth of billing to new agencies. LeVally takes the Household Finance account, which sponsors the net show. The Whistler , and according to LeVally other accounts that are planning to get into radio in the near future. Show stated that he will take such accounts as Grace Shoe Company, Dromeyer Company, Standard Milling, Victor Welding and Lumberman’s Mutual an

WBBM is inciting free-lance script writers..

WBBM is inciting free-lance script writers to submit material for a new half-hour mystery show which will replace The Whistler when Whistler moves to New York . . . Campus Cavalcade is a new series of weekly news round-ups about colleges in Ohio which will begin airing Saturdays, February 1 over WOSU, Ohio State University station.
Old Time Radio (OTR) programs are still listened to today by a dedicated group of fans and aficionados. OTR refers to audio dramas, comedies, and other entertainment programs that were produced from the 1920s to the 1960s and broadcast primarily on AM radio. Despite the advent of television and other forms of modern entertainment, many people continue to enjoy the nostalgia and charm of these classic radio shows .