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Radio Mystery Theater: Five Part Series Jan 12, 1980

December 15, 1980 SPECIAL FIVE-PART SERIES ABOUT ALEXANDER THE GREAT OPENS 8TH ‘CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER’ SEASON JAN, 12 “The Legend of Alexander”, a five series written and produced especially for CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , will inaugurate the drama program’s eighth year on the Network the week of Monday, Jan. 12, through Friday, Jan.16. Ancient lives and times have enjoyed a renaissance of interest with the American public, evidenced by the success of recent Pompell and King Tutankhamen exhibits across the country. The latest historic discovery is believed to be the tomb of King Phillip, father of Alexander the Great , which had become part of the touring exhibition “The Search for Alexander”, now displayed at National Gallery. Gerald Kean , a frequent contributor to MYSTERY THEATER , is author of the five-part “The Legend of Alexander”. Russel Horton stars in all five dramas as Alexander, from a boy learning the responsibilities of leadership under his father’s strict