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Radio Actress Agnes Moorehead

The Miami – May, 1974 Actress Agnes Moorehead , 67 RADIO AND SCREEN star Agnes Moorehead was nominated for an Oscar five times. In the 1950s she starred in the CBS radio program “Suspense.” Associated Press ROCHESTER, Minn,_ Agnes Moorehead ,, an outstanding and highly versatile character actress of stage and screen for half a century, died yesterday at the age of 67. Cause of her death was not revealed. The red-haired Miss Moorehead made her movie debut with Orson Welles in “Citizen Kane,” in 1941 . She won the New York Film Critics award for best actress of the year in 1942 for “The Magnificent Ambersons.” Miss Moorehead five times was nominated for an Oscar—in “The Magnificent Ambersons,” “Mrs. Parkington .” “Johnny Blinda.” “All That Heaven Allows,” and “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte.” One of Miss Moorehead’s most memorable roles was that of a woman past 100 years of age in “The Lost Moment,” in 1947 . The actress had been a patient at the Mayo Clinic her


SAY HELLO TO . . . ALBERT WARNER – CBS ’s Washington reporter, whom you’ll hear this afternoon at 6:05, and whenever there’s important news from the nation’s capital. Warner was born in Brooklyn, and was editor of his school papers both in high school and at Amherst, from which he graduated in 1924 . He’s been a successful newspaperman ever since, and has covered all presidential campaigns since 1928 . He gave up newspaper work early in 1939 to join CBS. By unanimous election, he’s president of the Radio Correspondents Association in Washington; and he’s a close friend of many important personalities in both parties.

Looking for very old radio commercial ...

As a kid  my ear was practically glued to our Zenith . Almost every station in Philadelphia carried a singing commercial by a dentist: Dr . Algase. He must have been a pioneer since in those days it was not ethical for doctors and dentists, etc to advertise. After much searching I found on the sheet music the cover (right) . That song, Show a Sunny Smile,was composed by Dr. Algase himself and legend has it that he sang it as well!  He also founded a club  and even produced a radio wedding!  Attached is the cover of the music. If by some miracle there as a recording of that singing commercial I would be surprised and delighted.  The singer (Dr. Algae?) was a tenor backed by a 1920s or 1930s type orchestra.  I know that they should be very rare especially those that were local. If you happen to have such a recordings, please reply below!