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That Laugh Tells You ‘G’ Day’s Here Again (Great Gildersleeve)

That Laugh Tells You ‘G’ Day’s Here Again THE Great Gildersleeve , the big man with the basso profundo laugh, is coming back to the air today at 5:30 p. m. over WMAQ-NBC. And his faithful followers will be happy-or will they? – to learn he is fully recovered from the near romance with Window Ransome. Under present plans, she will not even be on the show this year. Gildy’s life, however, will still be very much taken up with the schemes of nephew Leroy and the affairs of nice Marjorie. The break with Window Ransome came shortly before the program went off the air for the summer. When husband Beauregard returned to save Throckmorton P. from the bonds of matrimony. It was two seasons ago that Gildy and his crew took to radio on their own, causing more than a mild furor in one of America’s oldest families, the proud and ancient clan of Gildersleeve. This clan. whose founders built the American fleet that helped defeat the British in 1812 and whose fame has depended on its importa