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Bishop's Wife starring Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Nivens - Old Time Radio Show

  Lux Radio Theater   "The Bishop's Wife"  from May 11, 1953 This is my favorite Cary Grant film. Its difficult to beat a combination of  Cary Grant , David Niven and Loretta Young all in the same movie! In the film,  Cary Grant  plays an angel who comes down to earth to help Bishop David Niven.  Loretta Young   plays "The Bishop's Wife". Enjoy this special Christmas radio broadcast of  Lux Radio Theater script of "The Bishop's Wife" from 1953:

McGee Goes Incognito

The Milwaukee Journal – Aug 10, 1941    Fibber McGee and Molly are just plain Jim and Marion Jordan this summer as they enjoy their air vacation. The top comedians are show above in McGee version of gardening at their San Fernando valley (Calif.) home McGee Goes Incognito HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. JimJordan , at their home in Hollywood suburb, packed up their trailer for the annual vacation trip. But they seemed sunk in gloom. So the kids rallied them. “Gee, Pop,” said their son, “you and Mom don’t act like yourselves.” “That’s right,” said Sis. “Every year when you pack up to go traipsing around you’re so gay. But now.” It was true, too—true those annual vacation jaunts through the western mountains had always perked up the Jordans. They’d get to thinking about the streams they’d fish, the places they’d camp, sometimes by themselves, sometimes in auto camps with jolly people all around. “Just good friendly folks,” Jim Jordan always used to say to

AMOS 'N' ANDY Christmas Radio Episode, 1941

AMOS 'N' ANDY Christmas Radio Episode, 1941 (15 minute version of story.) In this special Christmas broadcast of Amos and Andy , Amos tells Arbadella the true meaning of Christmas. This version aired shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and doesn't include the "special doll for Arbadella" subplot,which I have always thought was nothing more than filler. In my mind, this is the best version of their Christmas radio show !

Favorite Radio Mystery Theater Christmas episodes

'Tis the season to enjoy some favorite Radio Mystery Theater   Christmas Radio Shows episodes: 1975-12-24 0402 Christmas Carol (A) E.G. Marshall spotlights as Scrooge in this dramatic retelling of Charles Dickens' classic... 1977-07-25 0688 Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (The) The gift of a Christmas goose with a valuable jewel inside and an old hat send Sherlock Holmes...  1980-06-09 1092 That Magic Touch Christmas works a miracle for a beautiful divorcee and her cold and standoffish husband... 1980-12-25 1140 Holiday Visit (A) En route to visit her parents for Christmas, a couple is waylaid by a highway accident...

Bob Hawk Quiz Whiz

The Milwaukee Journal – Apr 27, 1941         Bob Hawk Quiz Whiz SOME persons may shine at answering questions on a radio contest of wits—when they are seated by their own firesides. They can make allowances for themselves, conceding this and that, and there is nobody to contradict them. But let these same people step on a stage before a microphone, with one eye on the adlibbing Bob Hawk and the other on a large and enthusiastic audience. Then their knees are wabbly and their brains befogged, as the master of ceremonies of the radio game show “ Take It Or Leave It ” volleys questions at them. However, as Bob says, this broadcast is offered in the spirit of good fun and not as any real test of an individual’s intelligence. A simple question begins each series. Occasionally it baffles a nervous contestant, who is more or less in a daze through the thought of his voice being heard by millions, including his friends and his employer, and also because of the prese