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The Mummers Old Time Radio Show (Hermit's Cave)

Sponsored by Alga Coal, a favorite horror-mystery radio program is Hermit's Cave . A rare radio broadcast from the golden age of radio, some listeners remember the broadcast as "The Mummers" radio program  because its referred to in the opening lines of the radio show. Enjoy a broadcast titled "Spirits of Vengence": " Spirits of Vengence "

First Hundred Is Hardest: Fibber McGee And Molly

First Hundred Is Hardest Molly McGee                      Ted Weems                        Fibber McGee Tonight at 9 o’clock, KGO, Fibber McGee and Molly , popular comedy team, celebrate their one-hundredth program on the air. Above, Fibber appears like he was enjoying the prospect but Molly—who keeps a firm hand on Fibber—looks dubious. Ted Weems, whose orchestra keeps the program tuneful, seems neutral.


May 1, 1978 CBS-TV’s     “RAZZMATAZZ” GOES BACKSTAGE DURING A “MYSTERY THEATER” TAPING CBS MYSTERY THEATER fans will have an opportunity to observe a radio drama in production as RAZZMATAZZ, the CBS News magazine for young viewers, goes backstage at CBS Radio’s Studio G. A portion of the recording session for MYSTERY THEATER’S “The Golden Amulet,” a legendary Japanese ghost story, will be seen in one segment of RAZZMATAZZ, hosted by Barry Bostwick, Thursday, May 11 (4:00-4:30 PM, ET) on the CBS Television Network. Sitting in the control booth is MYSTERY THEATER’s producer-director Himan Brown, directing his actors -- Tony Roberts , Evie Juster , Robert Dryden and Joan Shea -- and sound effects man, Jerry McCarty, who with various props helps the listener “hear” the sounds essential to the story. Bostwick solves one mystery for RAZZMATAZZ viewers when he shows some of the props used to create such sounds as marching armies and a storm. Taking a minute put of his directin

Writer, producer Bill Idelson dies at 88 (Vic & Sade)

Bangor Daily News – Jan 11, 2008 Writer, producer Idelson dies at 88 Actor played son on ‘Vic and Sade’ BY DENNIS MCLELLAN LOS ANGELES TIMES LOS ANGELES – Bill Idelson, an actor, television writer and producer who as a teenager played the son on the classic radio show “ Vic and Sade ” and later played the recurring role of Rose Marie’s mother-dominated boyfriend on TV’s “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” has died. He was 88. Idelson, who had been hospitalized since June after breaking his hip, died of complications from the injury Dec. 30 in a Los Angeles hospital, said his wife of 56 years, actress Seemah Wilder: As an actor, Idelson appeared in episodes of dozens of television series, including “Dragnet,” “Perry Mason,” “The Twilight Zone,” “My Favorite Martian,” “The Odd Couple,” “Happy Days” and “Will & Grace.” But he might be remembered best by TV fans for his role as Herman Glimcher, the mama’s-boy boyfriend of Rose Marie’s Sally Rogers character on several

What actor Johnny Dollar in the old time radio series "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar"?

The title  role of  Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was played by 8 actors over the 14 year run : Dick Powell played the role on a single episode on July 12, 1948 (Audition Broadcast) Charles Russell played the role from Jan 14, 1949 (Episodes 1-34) Edmond O'Brien played  Johnny Dollar   from Feb 3, 1950 on (Episodes 35-139) John Lund took the role on Nov 24, 1952 (Episodes 140 - 232) Gerald Mohr played the role on a single audition episodes on August 29, 1955  Bob Bailey assumed the role of  Johnny Dollar  on Oct 3, 1955 (Episodes 233 - 716) Robert Readick took the title role on April 12, 1960 (Episode 717 - 744) Mandel Kramer was the final Johnny Dollar on June 18, 1961 (Episode 745 - 811) Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was one of the longest running and final old time radio detectives during the golden age of radio!

Mother's Day Old Time Radio shows

Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy Mother-themed old time radio shows free and listen while eating your vegetables...


March 29, 1976 CBS RADIO SAM DANN , NORMAN MORRIS, DALE MINOR DECLARED WINNERS OF ANNUAL WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA SCRIPT AWARDS Sam Dann , for a CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER script, and Norman Morris and Dale Minor, for THE AMERICAN INHERITANCE, have been named winners in the 1975 Writer Guild of America Annual Script Awards competition. The awards were presented Thursday, March 25, at ceremonies in New York City. Dann 's radio play, “ Goodbye, Karl Erich ,” was named “best radio dramatic script.” It was broadcast on the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , July 12, and starred Kevin McCarthy and Paul Hecht . The “best radio documentary script” award went to Morris and Minor whose THE AMERICAN INHERITANCE was broadcast January 25 and 26 on the CBS Radio Network. Produced by CBS News, the 30-part weekend special was the first of a continuing series in observance of America’s bicentennial celebration. CBS News Correspondent Walter Cronkite served as anchor man. *     *     *