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One Mans Family: Newspaper Article

Bakersfield Californian August 18, 1988 Reality on radio: 'One Man's Family' first to bring human drama on the air. A cast of nine veteran radio actors, an announcer, a sound man, and Carlton E. Morse gathered on a late afternoon in Studio B of the National Broadcasting Co.'s West Coast offices. They came for the first reading rehearsal of "Chapter One, Book One" of "One Man's Family." This was the first attempt on radio to create a real-life American family with down-to-earth human relations between parents and children, wrote creator Morse. He said the reading got mixed reactions from the cast, but the head of the West Coast production department turned thumbs down. Both the program manager and production director told him, quite frankly, "No. Morse, this 'One Man's Family' tripe is pure tripe! Everybody lives a family life, day in, day out! Who wants to turn on his radio and listen to more family life?" As i