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Old Time Radio Mp3 CD Player with Sleep Timer

I've yet to come across a good MP3 player that has a sleep timer to play your old time radio shows , but there are a few other alternatives: When you play the shows on your computer, you can create a playlist on a program such as WinAmp or Windows Media Player (and just put a single or two episodes in the playlist); you could have computer speakers piped into your room or by using a low-power AM-FM transmitter , you could play the shows on your computer and have them come out on a nearby radio. nother alternative would be to have a plug-in timer power the Mp3 player (and turn off after an hour or so). Many TV's have sleep timers on them - if you have a DVD player that plays the old time radio shows through your TV, you could have the sleep timer on the TV turn off the sound as well. An old time listener recently emailed this Timex alarm clock radio which plays old time radio MP3 files . I've never used this model before and couldn't vouch for its reliability, b