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Tom Scott

Tom Scott CBS, 8:15 Mon, - Fri. WQXR, 11:45 A.M. Mon, - Fri. TOM SCOTT, American troubadour, whose broadcasts are heard over CBS from 8:15 to 8:30 A.M. Monday through Friday and daily over WQXR from 11:45 to 12 Noon, features folk songs that almost all Americans are glad to hear and didn’t know they had as part of their national heritage. The first time you hear this Kentucky born six-footer you somehow get the impression of meeting and talking with a young beardless edition a Abraham Lincoln . It’s not so much a matter of skin-deep facial resemblance as heart-deep love of people and the love of the land. Tom gives to the simplest folk songs the dignity of a sound musicianship, plus a sincere and natural interpretation. His musical education was obtained at the University of Kentucky and the Louisville Conservatory of Music. Before that, he had learned to play the saxophone, clarinet, violin, tuba, guitar and piano. Scott first learned many of his songs during his boyhoo