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Sept 29: Debut of "Double or Nothing" radio quiz show

September 29, 1940. A huge day in radio game show history . The radio quiz program “Double or Nothing” debuted.  On it, contestants would answer quiz questions, then be asked if they want to go for “Double Or Nothing” all the way up to a top cash prize of $64.  Fifteen years later, the top prize of $64 would become the starting prize on a game show that was basically the same as “Double or Nothing”, but was called “The $64,000 Question”. It would turn out to be one of the blackest eyes of the quiz show scandals of the late 50s


KENNETH ROBERTS . . . a real New Yorker – born there and always lived there. He’s two inches over six feet, weighs 175 pounds and has black curly hair and brown eyes. Through only 23 years old, he’s married (love will find a way). Frequently poses before wooden mikes, just for atmosphere. Columbia has him. You hear him announcing lots of dance bands.

Radio Actress Agnes Moorehead

The Miami – May, 1974 Actress Agnes Moorehead , 67 RADIO AND SCREEN star Agnes Moorehead was nominated for an Oscar five times. In the 1950s she starred in the CBS radio program “Suspense.” Associated Press ROCHESTER, Minn,_ Agnes Moorehead ,, an outstanding and highly versatile character actress of stage and screen for half a century, died yesterday at the age of 67. Cause of her death was not revealed. The red-haired Miss Moorehead made her movie debut with Orson Welles in “Citizen Kane,” in 1941 . She won the New York Film Critics award for best actress of the year in 1942 for “The Magnificent Ambersons.” Miss Moorehead five times was nominated for an Oscar—in “The Magnificent Ambersons,” “Mrs. Parkington .” “Johnny Blinda.” “All That Heaven Allows,” and “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte.” One of Miss Moorehead’s most memorable roles was that of a woman past 100 years of age in “The Lost Moment,” in 1947 . The actress had been a patient at the Mayo Clinic her