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Parallels between Jerry Seinfeld and Jack Benny

But it is something has always struck me about the similarities between Jack  Benny and Jerry Seinfeld. For instance: BOTH were comedians BOTH had historically successful (legendary?) comedy programs BOTH surrounded themselves with a tight 'gang' BOTH deferred the best jokes (or lines) to their fellow cast members. BOTH were content to be the butt of the joke (when appropriate) BOTH broke down the 4th wall (Benny talked to audience, Jerry did it via Stand Up Somedy) BOTH were usually the conduit for story lines  (very involving only Mary/Phil or Kramer/Elaine for example) BOTH involved preparing for and sometimes performing there show as part of their situational comedy. Even the cast member pairings Jack Benny = Jerry Seinfeld Phil Harris = Kramer Mary Livingston = Elaine Bennis [Multiple] = George Castanza Frank Nelson , Mel Blan c = Newman Each show had a wonderfully talented second tier of actors/actresses as well.  From Jerry's parents t