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Happy Birthday Bing Crosby: Singer & Actor

Where the blue of the night   Meets the gold of the day   Someone waits for me 'The Blue of the Night' (Turk/Crosby/Ahlert) - Bing's signature tune On May 3, 1903 on Washington State, Kate Crosby gave birth to her fourth (of seven) child with her husband Harry. They gave him the name Harry Lillis , but he soon became better known as Bing-- a nickname derived from a popular comic strip, The Bingville Bugle . Even as a child, it can be said that Bing really had a great interest in performing. In school, he always joined choir recitals and plays. He had his first band when he was in high school, called The Musicaladers , where he was the drummer, since during that time, he didn't know how to read music yet. After high school, Bing moved to his parents’ hometown of Spokane, located also in the Washington State.  He went on to attend the Gonzaga University , where he studied law. His parents, naturally, very much wanted him to finish his law degree a

Pat Novak: Broadcast History and Quotes

PAT NOVAK BROADCAST HISTORY   Ladies and Gentlemen, the American Broadcasting Company brings to its entire network one of radio's most unusual programs . . . The show was produced in 1946-47, ABC West; produced at KGO, San Francisco, and aired on the West Coast network only. Feb 13-June 18, 1949, ABC. 30m. Pat Novak  was  Jack Webb's  first significant radio crime drama. It was also the vanguard of radio crime drama, so hard-boiled as to be high camp in its own time. The show was rich with hilarious pessimism, rippling with ridiculous metaphors. In two separate stands as Pat Novak , Webb was propelled to national prominence. Novak operated out of "Pier 19," a small office where "I rent boats and tell a few white lies, if the price is right." Writer  Richard Breen  wrote the kind of dialogue that Webb delivered better than any one else: it was sassy, brassy, and full of pent-up anger. The series existed, in fact, simply to push one-liners. Each story was