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LIFE WITH LUIGI: Mr. Basco, Citizen

LIFE WITH LUIGI : Mr. Basco, Citizen This is a great day for Luigi—no longer an immigrant, but a working partner in these United States! “Dear Mama Mia: Tomorrow is gonna be one of the most important days of my life—I’m going to take the test for my first citizenship papers. Already I look more American . Is hard to explain exactly how I feel, Mama.” Cy Howard is the creator of Luigi, the Little Immigrant, and is also the producer and director of the Life With Luigi show. Life With Luigi is the story of the everyday experiences of Luigi Basco, an Italian immigrant who has come to—and loves— America , land of equal opportunity for all who are willing, as he is, to work for it. Luigi is a new kind of comedy-program character. You laugh with him, not at him, as you listen to his struggles to learn the new language, the customs so different from those of his native country. Cy Howard, responsible for MyFriend Irma , is “father” of Luigi, too. J. Carrol Nais

Charles Webster

Charles Webster -better known as “Chuck”, is heard on The Abbott Mysteries and on Official Detective , both over the MBS. Born and raised in Pittshurgh, he had years of experience with stock companies all over the Untied States before he tried radio—back in Pittsburgh. Next came six years at a Detroit station, with his own program, Know Your America. In 1945 he moved with his wife and children, to New York .