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A Man Of Many Voices

The Modesto Bee – Jun 21, 1977 A Man Of Many Voices Alan Reed , who died the other day at age 69, was one of those actors whose ability to change voices and dialects was so essential to the golden age of radio. At one time he was appearing on 35 shows a week. As one character or another, he was part of the lives of those who are now middle-aged or older. Within this distinguished one-man cast of characters, our particular favorite was Falstaff Openshaw, the ham actor whom comedian Fred Allen encountered on his Sunday strolls down “Allen’s Alley.” The acidic Allen, bemused after coping with Sen. Claghorn (Thass a joke, son!), Titus Moody (Howdy, Bub) and Mrs. Nussbaum (you was expecting maybe Eleanor Rosenfeld?), was never able toget away before Falstaff, in that plump, stagey voice proclaimed: “I have wrrit-ten a po-em.” Then, despite  Fred Allen 's protests he would read it. Worse doggerel you’ve never heard. That’s the way it went, week after week. It

"I can't stand Jack Benny because..." Contest 1945

To celebrate Jack Benny 's 39th Birthday again today, here is Carrol P Craig Sr's winning entry from the 1945 "I Can't Stand Jack Benny Because..."  contest: "I Can't Stand Jack Benny Because... He fills the air with boasts and brags,  And obsolete obnoxious gags.  The way he plays his violin  is music's most obnoxious sin.  His cowardice alone, indeed,  is matched by his obnoxious greed.  And all the things that he portrays  Show up my own obnoxious ways.  " Happy Birthday  Jack Benny ! Click here to hear Jack Benny at Old Radio Cat

Meet Famous Dr. I. Q., a Visitor Here

The Milwaukee Journal – Aug 9, 1942      Meet Famous Dr. I. Q ., a Visitor Here MILWAUKEEANS who go to see the radio quiz show   “Dr. I.Q.” Monday at the Wisconsin theater will find him a changed man from the last time he visited this city. In fact, he’s a different man. He’s Jimmie McClain, who took over the job almost two years ago from Lew Valentine when Lew was let out for reasons never clarified. McClain will hold forth on the Wisconsin stage over WTMJ-NBC for six successive Mondays. His broadcast is only a one day stint—the other six days of the week and all-film schedule prevails. Those days, perhaps, McClain may spend in Evanston, Ill., where he lives with Mrs. McClain and their young daughter. Born in Louisville, Ky., on July 12, 1912, McClain attended Southern Methodist university in Dallas, tex., where he majored in public speaking and English. As a freshman student at the famous Texas school McClain achieved the distinction of winning a berth on the va