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One of my favorite intros is from CBS Radio Mystery Theater MP3 : "Welcome to the sound of suspense; Welcome to the fear you can hear. For the next 52 mintues, I will be your companion to the world of your own terrifying imagination..."  The renowned actor and radio voice, EG Marshall , would intone these words each night over the CBS Radio network. His voice would herald us into "another adventure into the macabre." With these words, we were introduced to villains and heroes, to monsters and poltergeists; even an alien or two. Many familiar names would welcome us to familiar places; Shakespeare and Twain, Jefferson and Lincoln, Holmes and Watson. Other names, other we never heard of before, beconed to us to dark places of horror, suspense and terror. Each and every night, some places at 11, other places at midnight, but each night we would await eagerly, under our blanks, straining our ears to listen to the transistor radio that we had turned down low