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What actor Johnny Dollar in the old time radio series "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar"?

The title  role of  Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was played by 8 actors over the 14 year run : Dick Powell played the role on a single episode on July 12, 1948 (Audition Broadcast) Charles Russell played the role from Jan 14, 1949 (Episodes 1-34) Edmond O'Brien played  Johnny Dollar   from Feb 3, 1950 on (Episodes 35-139) John Lund took the role on Nov 24, 1952 (Episodes 140 - 232) Gerald Mohr played the role on a single audition episodes on August 29, 1955  Bob Bailey assumed the role of  Johnny Dollar  on Oct 3, 1955 (Episodes 233 - 716) Robert Readick took the title role on April 12, 1960 (Episode 717 - 744) Mandel Kramer was the final Johnny Dollar on June 18, 1961 (Episode 745 - 811) Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was one of the longest running and final old time radio detectives during the golden age of radio!