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Harry Lime: Who Was Harry Lime?

Harry Lime, played by Orson Welles, began as a minor character in the film The Third Man. In the film, Harry Lime is the definition of a slimy criminal. The film begins with the death of Harry Lime though he shows up later in the film. During the course of the film you find out that Lime is truly a despicable character. The film was a critical and commercial success for everyone involved including Welles who was considered a Hollywood pariah and was enjoying a self-imposed exile in London. The musical theme from the movie was also very successful plus there were rumors of a sequel to the movie. The big question was how to take advantage of the movie’s success. Welles, who was working with a programmer and distributer Harry Alan Towers of Towers of London, thought of creating a prequel. The radio show was about Lime’s life before the events in the movie. Lime’s character was very dark in the move and did some very bad things and Welles didn’t think a character that dark would