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Say Hello To- ANN THOMAS

Say Hello To- ANN THOMAS—a sweet-faced young miss of 23 who is radio’s expert in tough-gal roles. You hear her tonight as the thick-witted maid, Lily, in Meet Mr. Meek over CBS —and other days when you tune in a particularly tough feminine voice, the chances are that’s Ann too. She’s a veteran of same 35 productions on Broadway , and long since lost count of all her microphone characterizations. Her big-guest thrill recently came when Minerva Pious, Fred Allen ’s dependable comedy actress, had to go to Hollywood for two weeks and Ann was chosen to handle her roles on the Allen program. She’s blonde, New York born, and single.

Inner Sanctum Host Isn't a Bad Guy If you Look at Him Out of Character

The Pittsburgh Press- Jul 19, 1942 Inner Sanctum Host Isn’t a Bad Guy If You Look at Him Out of Character He’s been a caddy, a soda jerk, a bus boy, an insurance salesman, a bank teller and a tennis pro. His favorite composer is Sibelius, he is a profound a thinker as a college professor but he usually dresses in casual tweeds and sport jackets. His friends sum him up simply as “a heck of a swell guy.” That’s Raymond Edward Johnson, much-heard NBC actor. Currently Ray is heard in “The Story of Bess Johnson” as Clyde. Bess’ outspoken but sincere’ friend. That’s pretty close to real life, too. The real Bess Johnson (no relation) gave Ray his first radio job some years back. He also is “The Host” on the Blue Network’s “ Inner Sanctum ” and his fan mail brings carloads of oil cans for the famous squeaking door that opens the program *         *        * The first radio job Ray landed was in “Today’s Children ,” which ran for more than five years. He then played a le

Obituary William Thompson of Fibber McGee and Molly: "Voice artist dead at 58"

Eugene Register-Guard – Jul 17, 1971 Voice artist dead at 58 LOS ANGELES Funeral services will be held Tuesday for William Thompson, character voice artist best known for his creations on the old “ Fibber McGee and Molly ” radio show. Thompson, 58, died Thursday at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He had been an executive with the Union Oil Co. for the past 14 years. Thompson was the voice of “The Old Timer” and “Wallace Wimple.” He was also the voice of the white rabbit in Walt Disney’s movie “Alice In Wonderland,” and did voices in the Disney movies “Lady and the Tramp” and “The Aristocats.”


CHARLES RUSSELL —forsook a lucrative job in hometown Tarrytown, N. Y., for the stage. After starving several years in Little Theater roles, Charles wangled a screen test and subsequently made several pictures. He recently made his radio debut in the new mystery series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (10:30 P.M. EDT, Fri., CBS ). Actress Nancy Guild is his wife.

Rochester Designs Own Speedster

Popular Mechanics, June 1951 Rochester Designs Own Speedster Tired of “driving” the boss’ horse-and-buggy Maxwell, Eddie Anderson , famed Rochester of Jack Benny ’s show, designed himself a sleek sport car that will hit more than 100 miles an hour. Its power plant is a highly tuned Cadillac engine, Anderson proved himself to be no slouch as an engineer, coming up with such innovations as dual soft springs in the rear for a gentle, firm ride. Said to cost about $20,000, the speedster was made by Emil Diedt, builder of the Blue Crown Special racers. <Motor Trend Magazine drawing > Frame of the Rochester car is principally chrome- moly tubing. Seats are low, being mounted within frame members. Car has 6 ½ -inch ground clearance. Below, Rochester and his car. Note the “clamshell” fenders