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Doris Day and Martin Melcher

Life, love and Radio are full of mysteries. One of the biggest is how could a sweetheart like Doris Day wind up married to a schmuck like Martin Melcher? Melcher got his start as an agent and road manager for The Andrews Sisters, and was married for a short time to Patty Andrews. Less than a year after the couple divorced , Melcher was married to Doris Day , and they formed their own production company in 1952. All but one of the movies Melcher produced were starring vehicles for Doris, and the pictures were admittedly some of her best work. Melcher passed away in 1968, probably from a ruptured appendix or complications from an enlarged heart. He refused medical treatment. Melcher's death left Doris Day with some disturbing revelations. Despite her success in films, Melcher had squandered her money through a series of bad investments and left her deeply in debt. He also committed her to a TV Sitcom that she knew nothing about! Although she had little enthusiasm for televis