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One Mans Family: Script

ANNOUNCER: One Man's Family is dedicated to the Mothers and Fathers of the Younger Generation and to their Bewildering Offspring. Tonight we bring you Chapter Ten, Book Twenty-Three, entitled "Two Million Dollars At Stake." Clifford and Ann are walking on air. Father and Mother Barbour have given them a round-trip ticket from San Francisco to Hong Kong on the China Clipper for their honeymoon! This happened last night at the engagement shower for the couple... and now the family is at breakfast.... FANNY: (Coming to Mike) Now Clifford, eat your breakfast like a normal human being.... CLIFF: But Mom, Dad says the Clipper Ship crosses the Equator on the way to Hong Kong, and it doesn't at all. HENRY: Certainly you cross the Equator.... CLIFF: No Dad- FANNY: Are you going to eat your bacon and eggs? CLAUDIA: What's bacon and eggs in Cliffs young life? FANNY: Well if I'd known what a goose he was going to be, I'd have put my foot down when you