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A Woman's Intuition: Alice Frost in Mr and Mrs North

A Woman's Intuition When Pam and jerry North start out on one of their crime-hunting trips on the Mr. and  Mrs. North radio Programs , they soon find themselves embroiled in all sorts of difficulties .Often, it’s Pam’s intuition-her hunches- which gets them free of those  difficulties and brings the Norths safety home again . There’s a real-life parallel to that, for when Alice Frost , who plays the role of Pam North in the radio series, and her own husband start on one of their less hair-raising adventures, more  often than not it’s Alice’s intuition Which Keep them out  of trouble-or, she confesses in her story , gets them into it! Pamela North and Alice Frost (who is Pam on the air) have much in common - particularly a belief That it never pays to underestimate the power of a “hunch”, especially the female variety  My HUSBAND- not Jerry North, my husband on our  Mr. and  Mrs. North   radio program, but my real husband-and I were impatiently waiti