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Arch Oboler Book of Satan from 1977

Here's a fascinating story from Fate Magazine written by Arch Oboler , one of the golden age of radio's premier radio authors and directors. Born in Chicago, Illinois on December 7, 1907 to parents Leon and Clara Oboler, Arch Oboler was a director, producer, and a prolific writer. He had his very first script sold when he was still in highschool. He started to become famous after being hired by NBC in 1936 as the writer for its extremely popular horror radio series called Lights Out, whose original writer Wyllis Cooper left the show. Oboler was considered by many as the father of radio drama. Apart from his work in the radio, he also worked as a writer for many films, theater, and television series. He also wrote a couple of books. Most of you here would probably remember Bill Crosby’s routine about one of Oboler’s radio plays entitled The Chicken Heart. Another of his popular works include the Bwana Devil, which was the world’s first full-length film in 3D. Oboler m