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May 1, 1978 CBS-TV’s     “RAZZMATAZZ” GOES BACKSTAGE DURING A “MYSTERY THEATER” TAPING CBS MYSTERY THEATER fans will have an opportunity to observe a radio drama in production as RAZZMATAZZ, the CBS News magazine for young viewers, goes backstage at CBS Radio’s Studio G. A portion of the recording session for MYSTERY THEATER’S “The Golden Amulet,” a legendary Japanese ghost story, will be seen in one segment of RAZZMATAZZ, hosted by Barry Bostwick, Thursday, May 11 (4:00-4:30 PM, ET) on the CBS Television Network. Sitting in the control booth is MYSTERY THEATER’s producer-director Himan Brown, directing his actors -- Tony Roberts , Evie Juster , Robert Dryden and Joan Shea -- and sound effects man, Jerry McCarty, who with various props helps the listener “hear” the sounds essential to the story. Bostwick solves one mystery for RAZZMATAZZ viewers when he shows some of the props used to create such sounds as marching armies and a storm. Taking a minute put of his directin

Mystery Theater Given Preceptor Award

“ MYSTERY THEATER’S ” HIMAN BROWN GIVEN BROADCAST PRECEPTOR AWARD FOR 1979 Himan Brown, producer-director of the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , was presented a Broadcast Preceptor Award by San Francisco State University yesterday (May 6), the opening day of the University’s 29th annual Broadcast Industry Conference. The Preceptor Award is given every year to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry. Mr.Brown received the award “for his tremendous energy and dedication that have re-established radio drama as an art form.” *     *     * Contact:  Bob Fuller