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Not So Fashionable

If you ever mean Fbber McGee’s persistent heckler, Mrs. Uppington, this is the way she’ll look at you. Not So Fashionable AS any listener to Fibber McGeeand Molly knows, there is one mystery that fitfully agitates the entire population of Wistful Vista , but which probably never will be solved. It is the puzzle of Who Threw the Rock Through Mrs. Uppington’ Window? The center of the controversy, of course, is Mrs. Uppington herself—Wistful Vista’s self-appointed dictator on etiquette, social position, fashions, and anything else she happens to think about. Mrs. Uppington isn’t the nicest woman who ever lived, and so it’s only fair to point out that Isabel Randolph, who originated the character on the air and still plays it, is friendly, clever, and not at all supper-fashionable. Isabel—or “Uppy,” as Fibber always calls her both on and off the air—is a born and bred actress. Her first appearance on the stage wasn’t even a “walk-on”—it was a “carry-on” at the age of