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Favorite Story: The Bet by Anton Chekhov

One of my favorite old time radio shows is from the old time radio series, Favorite Story  which uses a theramin! "The Bet" was written by Anton Chekhov (1860-1904), a great playwright often referred to as the Russian Shakespeare . Chekhov was a master of the short story. He was a gentle soul with an unusual understanding of the heart of man and in this story you will find he proves himself  a great searcher after truth. This version has been expertly dramatized and directed by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee. Two friends are debating over which is better, to be executed by the state or to spend a lifetime in prison. Ivanoff says that it is not the right of the state to take away from a man that which he cannot return and that if he were offered a choice between capitol punishment and life imprisonment he would choose imprisonment for it is better than no life at all. His friend, a rich banker who has wealth beyond belief, and without it would feel like his life was t