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October 8: Debut of "Ozzie & Harriet"

It didn’t last as long on radio as it did on TV, but then again it was one of the longest running sitcoms in TV history. Today in 1944, “ The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet ” debuted on radio.


St. Joseph News-Press – Nov 2, 1947 -Associated Press JACK BENNY ’S RADIO GANG . . . Jack Benny , one of radio’s top performers has just signed a three-year contract, after 15 consecutive years before the microphone. During that time Jack and his program co-workers, Mary Livingston (his wife, Sadye Marks) , Dennis Day , PhilHarris and Rochester have become households words. In above sketch, AP News-feature Artist Milt Morris pictures the radio comedian and his aids looking over a script. They are (left to right), back row, Don Wilson, Rochester and DennisDay . Front row (left to right), Mary Livingston, Phil Harris and Jack Benny . Jack Benny at Times Becomes Fed Up With Roles He Has Created By RALPH DIGHTON HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 1 (AP)— Jack Benny as not bald. Jack Benny is not stingy. Jack Benny does not make Dennis Day mow his lawn. That is, Jack is not completely bald, he is not as stingy as he pretends on his radio program, and he doesn’t e

October 7: Debut of "Portia Faces Life"

The soap opera “ Portia Faces Life ” debuted on the NBC Red Radio Network today in 1940. An old friend said for the first two years he listened to the show, he was convinced that Portia’s last name was Face.