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Marie Wilson in Old Time Radio

Marie Wilson is heard on CBS , Mondays at 10:00 P.M. EST, and My Friend Irma , the kindest, sweetest, dumbest blonde ever to wander across the airwaves. Marie left Anaheim, Calif., for Hollywood when she was fifteen, to become a dramatic actress. Fate handed her a comedy part in “Miss Pacific Fleet” and she has played sad-eyed lovable nitwit ever since on the screen, and now on the air.

John Stanley

John Stanley Sherlock Holmes : Sundays, 7 P.M. EST, MBS stations. When you hear the clipped, British accent of John Stanley as Sherlock Holmes (Mutual, Sundays, 7 PM, EST) you can almost see the fog swirling and eerie as it blanket Baker Street. It’s a cinch for actor Stanley to sound as though he was born in London, because he was born in London. Not only that, but during his early childhood, John lived only a half-mile from the famed Baker Street, hangout of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s celebrated sleuth. Although Stanley was born in England, he was an American the moment he came into the world. John’s father was Professor Henry W. S. Stanley and John was born while his parent was teaching diction at St. Mark’s College, London. The wife of Professor Stanley was also an American and all of their four children were raised in England. John graduated from Malvern College. “When I was twenty-one years old,” he explains, “the urge to come to my own country suddenly

The Best Radio Gag of the Week

The Best Radio Gag of the Week Heard on the “ Fibber McGee and Company ” program Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. over WTMJ-NBC. Fibber McGee—Pardon me, Miss Lombard, but your slip is showing, if I may say so. Carole Lombard—Well, if I may say so, McGee, your show is slipping!