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Radio Mystery Theater: Short Takes Morgan Fairchild to appear on CBSRMT (1976)

February 17, 1976 SHORT TAKES The CBSRMT has a treat for those who miss “ Gunsmoke ” and the other radio Westerns that once were a prime staple of network television on Monday nights when it presents a rousing story of the Old West, Monday, March 1. As explained by MYSTERY THEATER host E.G. Marshall : “A surprising number of listener letters have asked us for a Western . So here it is, back to the frontier life of the 1860s when, west of Mississippi, the horse was still man’s best means of locomotion. A noble animal, the horse, and particularly in those days, a good deal better than many a man who them.” *     *     * Morgan Fairchild , who stars as Jennifer Phillips in the daytime serial, “Search for Tomorrow,” on the CBS Television Network, will make her radio acting debut on the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , Friday, March 5. On the broadcast, titled “The Infernal Triangle,” Ms. Fairchild plays the leading role, a bride-to-be with the same surname, Ann Fairchild