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Mary Jane Higby: When a Girl Marries, Old Time Radio Soap Opera

NOTES ON MARY JANE “When a Girl Marries” (afternoons NBC) is another of the top-ranked serials. It celebrated its 11 th  year on the air last May. In the Hooper-Nielsen charts it usually has rated among the first four daytime programs. Petite, blonde Mary Jane Higby has been the show’s star (“ Joan Davis ”) since its beginning. Daughter of the owner of a stock company, Mary Jane did her first “walk on” part at the age of one. Mary Jane Higby She was making . . . columnist, too movies in Hollywood at six. Highly trained, versatile, the star occasionally plays supporting roles to herself on her own program. More recently Mary Jane added another role: that of columnist. She is conducting a query department on marriage in “Radio Mirror,” nationally circulated magazine. SAY HELLO TO . . . MARY JANE HIGBY – who was a child star in Hollywood and plays Joan Davis on the CBS serial, When a Girl Marries . Mary Jane was born in St. Louis, Mo., but at the age of five wa