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Broadcasts Appeal And His Wife ‘Joins Up’ By SI STEINHAUSER

  The Pittsburgh Press- Oct 18, 1943 Broadcasts Appeal And His Wife ‘Joins Up’ By SI STEINHAUSER Bennett Kilpack, Radio’s “ Mr. Keen ,” who traces lost persons, did too good a job for the WAC. He went on the air with a fervent appeal the every woman who felt herself able join the Army ’s girls in uniform. He was sincere in his heart and soul talk to his feminine audience, explaining that those who could and didn’t were “laggards, dullards and not very patriotic.” That evening when he went home Mrs. Bennett announced “I’m joining up with the WAC right away.” Bennett almost swooned, but he admired his wife’s determination, for she is a frail woman with more spirit than stamina. She kept her word, “joined up” but fell ill and was given a medical discharge after three months. And the unhappiest woman in America is radio’s “ Mrs. Keen ,” because she couldn’t go through with her plan to be one of America ’s girl soldiers . Her husband is still amazed at his own per