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“GRACIE ALLEN” Presidential Articles

DOWN WITH COMMON SENSE VOTE FOR “GRACIE ALLEN” The Pittsburgh Press – Jul 17, 1944 Gracie Allen Reporting – Dewey’s Eye on President’s Chair, But Look What Roosevelt Has on It By GRACIE ALLEN Written for North American Newspaper Alliance, CHICAGO, July 17—Well, here I am back in Chicago to report another political convention. This time, the Democrats are going to meet and try to figure out how to keep Mr. Dewey out of the White House. The Democrats I’ve seen so far don’t seem to look very worried. I guess they figure that if Dewey has his eye on that presidential chair . . . look what Roosevelt has on it. I Gracie Allen asked some one if the  Roosevelt  'sowned the White House and they said “No.” Too bad—think of the rent they could have saved. And by the way, this time my husband. George Burns, is with me. I was afraid George might object to my working as a newspaper reporter. The average husband doesn’t like his wife to work. But t